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Can’t visit in person? Then join us at 10am Sunday HERE


We think church is a wonderful entity and only God could have instituted it.

It’s not surprising that there are many great and wonderful churches here on the Central Coast all with their own unique makeup and purpose. Together we are all part of Christ’s Body.

Like most Bible based churches we want people to know and experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ and be equipped to serve Him.

In particular, we want to play our part in helping those who may be searching, those who sometimes wonder what if…….. and those who believe in and love the Lord Jesus Christ but have been unable to connect with church in a meaningful way.

We have built pathways for people to explore and hopefully experience an authentic kingdom community.

We work with people not for people. By creating belonging, actively collaborating and working together we build into one another what is in God’s heart. We call this process peopleness.

We invite you to be part of this process.

If on the way you form a meaningful relationship with Jesus that will be great. But we have discovered just being with people is very rewarding and stimulating so we would love to have you anyway as part of our journey together which we call belonging.

We all have something to offer to each other.

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Dan’s Place

The easiest way is through Dan’s Place. Set times are the 2nd and 4th Tuesday (10 am to 2 pm) and Friday ( 6pm to 9 pm ) of the month. Tuesdays is usually structured around activities and then a meal; Fridays is the reverse.

Whilst we prepare possible activities it has become a two-way process with people from outside the church bringing their ideas and making a valuable contribution. This is the beauty of Dan’s Place-its organic, it brings life and creates belonging.

Because it is so organic Dan’s Place at times can be spontaneous and operate outside of set times-this often happens as we plan for the next event or as people come forth with ideas and activities.

Community Garden, Shed or Markets

Another easy way is the community garden or visiting the men’s shed and/or our community shed or join us at the Niagara Park Markets. All these activities are aimed at creating opportunities to connect and learn or teach valuable skills relating to food, gardens, household repairs, craft and much more.

Some just come and enjoy the company and coffee.

People Groups

If you want to get a little more serious you could participate in some of our training in leadership and relational skills; join in our Friday night men’s group or Tuesday morning ladies group.

On-line Connections

Journey Groups provide an opportunity for community where we can connect, learn, share, and belong.

The concepts of community, maturity, healing from trauma, and living from God’s perspective, which are foundational to a deeper walk with God, are interwoven in the curriculum of basic Christian living. Join with others around the nation and world.

Zoom Meeting

You can check in on our Sunday service on https://zoom.us/j/413117322

We start at 10 am.


Sunday morning 10 am

If you want to jump right in feel free to join our Sunday morning service. This is a  key time for our community.

We spent 20-30 minutes worshiping God mainly by singing to Him, and take time to hear what He might want to say to us. It’s a very interactive and life giving time.

That is followed by community announcements, a talk with the children who then go to their own special activities whist the adults remain for Bible teaching.

We all finish together in our coffee shop.

Upper Room Sunday Evenings 5:30 pm

For those who want even more Sunday night is a special time interacting with God through appreciation and gratitude. We call it joyful journaling.

We come to you

If you would like us to come to you-maybe to lend a hand, participate in your community activity or just talk we will welcome the opportunity.

If you just prefer to have a coffee and talk about all or any of this please feel free to call.

You are welcome to participate at any level that interests you.

Zoom Meetings

Thursday Prayer – 8 pm to 9 pm

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/467534437

Sunday Morning – 10 am to Midday

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/413117322

Sunday Evening – 5.30 pm to 7 pm – Upper Room GEM

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/818173559


Generatione Ministries is a community of people motivated by our love of God and His love of people. Out of that seed we have built a church community where relationships and unity of purpose are key aspects.

Our goal is oneness in Christ unhindered by age, ethnicity, gender, culture or perceived weaknesses and strengths resulting in a multicultural expression of God’s Kingdom.

Being such a community can be challenging and, at times, hard work but as we give and receive life God reveals the different treasure He has placed in each of us.

Irrespective where you are in life’s journey you are most welcome to join with us in this joyful engagement with the things that matter.


These arises out of our core of loving God and loving people which in turn are ultimately are an outworking of our statement of faith.

We want to work with people not for people. That means values such as

  • creating belonging,


  • collaboration

are expressed as we work together.

This builds into people what is in God’s heart since that  given to individuals working together is bigger than anything anyone can develop by themselves. We call this process peopleness.

This works best (putting the values into action) when

  • We make room for all people
  • We allow others to ‘have go’
  • We don’t allow acquired knowledge and skills to close our minds to new ideas and things
  • We invite God to be part of the process.

Working with people not for people is also a reflection of the partnership our heavenly Father seeks with us. There is no limit to its expression and outworking.

Please come and visit. We look forward to meeting you.

Can’t visit in person? Then join us at 10am Sunday HERE

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